Submit a story for “A Word From Us Kids”

We want to hear your stories!

Just like the show our podcast is based on, the Sugarbowl is built primarily on two concepts; wholesomeness, and humor. The wholesomeness aspect of the pod is something we really love about it, and our “A Word From Us Kids” segment (named after the segment in the show, of course) is about creating even more of that.

We are asking you to write out a story from your life that you find uplifting, wholesome, heartfelt, kind, hopeful, encouraging, or likewise, and send it to us at and we will read it out loud on the following episode!

We’re not necessarily asking for your most wild and crazy story: In fact, I dare say we would prefer the more mundane, often overlooked events in our lives that make us smile, laugh, or simply appreciate being alive on this planet just a little bit more. We want to get these stories out to more people, and we hope that through your words, the Sugarbowl’s audience can be instilled with some of the same good feelings and warmth that you felt.

There is no length requirement, but anything beyond a few paragraphs may need to be cut down for time; we will certainly read as much as we can! Otherwise, we welcome stories of any topic or subject: If it is important to you, that’s good enough for us!

If you have questions, send them to us at, Chris or Eli will be glad to answer.

Have a wonderful kind of day, Sugarbowlers!